~Oyster Planting Day~

JUNE 10th, 2017

Phillips Wharf Environmental Center has been coordinating the Tilghman Islanders Grow Oysters Project for the past 6 years.  TIGO is a part of the larger Marylanders Grow Oysters program run by the DNR.  These programs aim to aid in oyster repopluation efforts all over the Chespeake Bay.  Every year TIGO plants over 115.000 oysters at the sanctuary site at Rabbit Point, which is located up Harris Creek near Wittman.  

On June 10th, we will be collecting the 600 cages of oysters that have been growing on TIGO member's docks for the past 9 months in and around the Tilghman Island area.  After collecting the cages, we will take the oysters out of the cages and place them in baskets in preparation for planting.  In the afternoon, we will load the oysters on to boats and travel out to the sanctuary where will place them on the existing oyster bar.

We need your help!  Oyster Planting Day's success relies heavily on volunteer participation so we are looking for as many people to help out as possible.  Not only do we need the man power but we also need people that are willing to volunteer their trucks, flatbed trailers, and boats (please note they will get dirty!).  We will provide breakfast, lunch, and refreshments throughout the day as a way to show thanks for all your hard work.  

We will be holding a volunteer training session on May 27th @ 9am.  The training session will ensure that everything runs smoothly on Oyster Planting Day.  We hope that you can attend but understand if you cannot.

If you would like to help out please follow the link below to register as a volunteer.  Thank you very much for your time and we hope to see you on Oyster Planting Day!

I want to help on Oyster Planting Day





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