Oyster Jam ~ Oyster & Brew Festival

Oyster Jam

Oyster & Brew Fest

Thank you for your interest in attending Oyster Jam.  This year's event is sure to be a hit.  There will be over 10 different oysters from all over Maryland both wild caught and aquaculture, a handful of local restaurants that will be serving tastings of their very own "signature dish", oyster stew, fried oyster, and to top it all off we will be hosting 16 different beer tastings from 8 breweries and of course we will have the local favorite Bud light and Shock Top!  

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We hope to see you there!


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Waiver Statement:

I am 21 years of age or older.  I understand that alcohol will be served at this event and that my ID will be checked at the door.  I also understand that if I am under 21 years of age I will be turned away at the gate.

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